Club History

All club members will recall seeing the year 1887 on the club kit, indicating the year in which it was long thought that the Royal Albert Cycling Club came into being. Both the club’s website and facebook page, however, currently indicate that it was not actually known for sure when the club first started, as there was no evidence to prove it.
However, evidence has now come to light that proves beyond doubt that RACC was first formed in the year 1901. This, and an explanation as to why an earlier, (19th century) start year was taken on board, as well as much information on the early years of the club, can be seen in Dennis White’s ‘The Early History of the Royal Albert Cycling Club’.
In addition, four ‘Fathers‘ of the club over its long 119 year
history are highlighted – people who have been the glue that has held this club together through thick and thin...
It is often said that, ‘To know where you’re going, you should know where you’ve been’, and this new history shows that the basic aims of today’s RACC are the same as those laid out in 1901...

Click here for ‘The Early History of the Royal Albert Cycling Club’