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Thank you for visiting Royal Albert Cycling Club, one of the oldest cycling clubs in the UK. We welcome new members to join us.

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To become a member of the Royal Albert Cycling Club go to our page on the British Cycling website and click on the red “Buy Club Membership” button at the botton of the “About” section or click “Join Our Club” from the menu bar then follow the instructions on the British Cycling website.

Our next event

Sunday Club Run

Weekly Club Run – 40 – 50 Miles – 9am Depart from the Club house

RACC is based at Wellgate Street, Larkhall ML9 2AQ, where our old club house is based.

Our Event Schedule


Weekly Club Run

40 – 50 Miles – 9am Depart from the Club house

JC's Chain Gang

24 Miles – 6:30 from Bothwell Cross (across the road from the Bothwell Bridge Hotel) **


Club Confined 10 Mile TT Race

7pm First Rider Off – Course will either be Brockets Brae or Canderside 10 Mile Course.


2 Unofficial Club Rides

Milk Run – 6:30 depart from the Station Bar in Carluke **
Frankie Weavers – 6:30 depart from Route 50 American Bar & Grill in Bargeddie. **

** During the summer months only,  around May – October.


Check out our Juniors Club, ‘The Clydesdale Colts

For Riders

Information about ORGANISED RIDES

Safety is very important to us at the RACC and to ensure everyone returns safely we set off in groups. Each group is based on ability level, stamina and speed. 

To ensure the groups can easily be overtaken by vehicles, we try and keep the groups to a maximum of 8 cyclists which can be easily manage by an experienced group leader.

The number of group we depend on the number of attendees but there will always be a slower paced group.

On busier days, we have the following groups:  

  1. Steady Group, 12/14mph average.
  2. Development Group, 14/16mph average.
  3. Lead Group, 16/18mph average.
  4. Race Group, 18/20mph+ average.

If you are planning coming along for you first club run, speak to one of the group leaders, who will look after you and ensure you are looked after. Don’t worry if you never done group cycling, our group leaders are trained and will explain the etiquette before setting off.

We allow new members to come along for 2-3 taster runs to make sure it is what you expect before becoming a member.


What to bring

  • At least one, but preferably two, spare inner tubes.
  • A working pump.
  • Puncture repair kit – for those awful days when two tubes aren’t enough.
  • Tyre levers.
  • A multi tool – to adjust gears etc.
  • Other optional tools e.g. chain breaker, spare chain, tubeless type fluid etc.
  • Even in winter hydration is important, so each rider should carry a drinks bottle – at least one 750ml bottle but preferably two and the runs vary in distance.
  • Money – for the cafe stop and emergencies.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Solid carbohydrate source eg banana, raisins, jelly babies.



  • Tri Bars and Time Trial bikes are not to be used on club rides as these bikes are not suitable for group riding.
  • Helmets MUST be worn as this is a condition of the club insurance – I’m afraid you will not be allowed to ride with the group without one.

Our History

All club members will recall seeing the year 1887 on the club kit, indicating the year in which it was long thought that the Royal Albert Cycling Club came into being. Both the club’s website and facebook page, however, currently indicate that it was not actually known for sure when the club first started, as there was no evidence to prove it.

However, evidence has now come to light that proves beyond doubt that RACC was first formed in the year 1901. This, and an explanation as to why an earlier, (19th century) start year was taken on board, as well as much information on the early years of the club, can be seen in Dennis White’s ‘The Early History of the Royal Albert Cycling Club’.